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Jan 9, 2013 11:30pm PST
says if you begin to slide, step off the accelerator and chp says don't hit your brakes. check the weather where you live 24/7 go to click on the weather tab find live storm tracker 2 : >>> >> a gathering at glide memorial church to show support for a young mother doused in gasoline and badly burned. ♪ [ music ] >>> dozens came together to share songs and prayers for 25- year-old star lamar who police say was attacked by her boyfriend. she suffered severe burns on her face and body during sunday's attack. police arrested 22-year-old dexter oliver for the crime. her sister said tonight's gathering means a great deal to the family. >> means a lot to know, my sister wasn't alone and people were praying for her that she heals. >> lamar remains hospitalized tonight, oliver is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow the family says the two had a rocky relationship and she had just broken it off gain the day of the attack. >>> for the first time since 1960, no living baseball player will be inducted into the baseball hall of fame this year. in voting results releasedderrier toda
Jan 7, 2013 11:30pm PST
advisory. this is a spot you don't really see it. san jose as well dense fog advisory there. morgan hill, dense fog advisory tomorrow morning. there are clouds back in the forecast not just fog but some that could bring showers and certainly a cooldown. when i come back i'll have all the details with the latest computer model. >>> there is word tonight that hewell howser the host of california's gold died last night apparently of natural causes. >> get ready for an adventure. >> reporter: howser was enthusiastic and he guided you viewers to the hidden and not so hidden corners of california. two years ago howser made all of his california shows available free of charge on the internet. >>> my daughter, my daughter. >>> new information about a man suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisc >>> a capital corridor commuter train struck and killed a man and his dog on the tracks in hayward today. the hayward fire department says the man was hit about 7:45 this morning while crossing the tracks at jackson street. firefighters say it appears the man was pushing a bicycle acros
Jan 10, 2013 11:30pm PST
without heat. >> i don't want to go through that again. it was pretty cold. >> reporter: she says her hearts go out to people liveable -- living on the streets. such as this 50-year-old. he says his friend died just after christmas in this same camp. >> he just died saturday morning. he has part problems like i did. >> reporter: patrick took us inside his makeshift home where under a blue tarp he watches quintin torentino movies. he was one person benefiting from a blanket give away by a church this evening. among those handing out blankets this 56-year-old church member who himself is homeless. he sleeps in the front seat of his truck where he reads the bible. >> you know for me, i'm very blessed that i have a roof. >> reporter: while his friend sleeps in the cab. >> even with shelter and a blanket it's still cold. you really can't sleep, the cold keeps you up. >> reporter: he told us the worse time is before dawn in the hours between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. where the coldest hits. maureen naylor, ktvu news. >>> the catholic charity in santa rosa has more than 30 people on its wait list
Jan 11, 2013 11:30pm PST
. the niners say don't pay with cash, pay with credit card and locate the location of seating on a seating chart. >>> a former death row inmate accused of killing his own mother in vallejo told a judge he wants to plead guilty. he was sentenced to death back in 1966 for killing two teenaged girls but that was changed to life in prison when california briefly did away with the death penalty in 1974. stanford was released on parol in 1990 he did not enter a plea in court today. he is expected to be arraigned next friday. >>> a worker at a petaluma garbage facility discovered the body of a man. sheriff's investigators say they don't know if the man's death was foul play or it was accidental. >>> an inmate from the santa rita jail is on the lose tonight. as ktvu's john sasaki reports, the man was able to free himself while he was being transported to a doctors' appointment. >> it's scare -- scary with all the women and children around here. >> reporter: while being transported he was able to free himself. when the deputy opened the door, hopkins ran off into the neighborhood around 14th ave
Jan 8, 2013 11:30pm PST
not subscribe to a duty to god. i don't know. >> reporter: allie rasmusen. >>> governor brown says he is asking a supreme court to return prisons to the state. the state has spent billions of the dollars to improve its prison health care facilities since 2009. under the court order the state is supposed to reduce the population by an addition 33,000 inmates by june. brown says that's no longer necessary and he will take his fight all the way to the supreme court if he has to. >>> the price at the pump could be going up again. and analysts predict the nationwide pride for a gallon of regular will hit $3.95 in april. in los angeles gas prices will climb to $4.65 a gallon. here in the bay area we usually pay some of the highest prices in the country. the factors sited are the dependable of refineries and usual increases by december. >>> the dow lost 55 points, nasdaq dropped seven. investors are nervous about earnings although the first to report met or beat analysts expectations. >>> aig rescued by the u.s. government said today that it is considering joining a lawsuit that claims the bail out t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5